Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Erik Saltzgaber passed away.

Erik passed away in his sleep, of natural causes, on Tuesday night, June 10. He had been in good spirits, eagerly anticipating hockey camp in Lake Placid and hopeful about some recent new professional opportunities. His death is a profound shock to all of us, but we are comforted that he died peacefully and in a happy and optimistic state of mind.

On Monday, June 23 there was memorial gathering. The gathering place was the Old North Church at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. It was a time to share memories of Erik and the ways he touched us all – with his humor, his intensity, his joy, his struggles, his tenacity and his love. Many came to join us in sharing the sorrow of our loss, but also to celebrate Erik’s life.
The memorial service was tasteful and poignant and warm and funny. I think Erik would have loved it. There was a common theme that became clear as people there talked about Erik, and in the comments people have posted on this site. Erik was known for his humor, his intellect, his prickliness and his generosity. So many people said that they would not be where they are now without Erik's support and encouragement . So I guess that is his real legacy. He inspired so many people to reach beyond what they perceived as their limitations to achieve successes that they would never have thought possible.

We may have sorrow for our own loss of a son, brother, husband, friend, colleague, teacher, or coach, but Erik is free of pain, knows somehow that he was widely and deeply loved, and we believe he's found joy and peace at last.

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